STK NetMod integrates spatial temporal information systems with network simulation. It combines STK's mobility, antenna, and signal propagation loss models with ns-3's network protocol models for unprecedented fidelity in the end-to-end simulation and emulation of aerospace communication networks and applications.


    This solution is ideal for assessing key performance metrics, such as end-to-end transport-layer throughput, latency, and jitter, for autonomous UAV networks, LEO satellite constellations, defense networks, and commercial Internet access from airborne networked devices.


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  • Spatial Temporal
    Information Systems

    STK is commercial software used by thousands of engineers, mission analysts, and software developers to model complex systems—such as aircraft, missiles, satellites and their sensors—and visualize dynamic datasets in 4D (X,Y,Z,Time). Our solution uses STK Communications to define and analyze the physical-layer for aerospace links and incorporate detailed rain models, atmospheric losses and RF interference sources into the simulation.

    Network Simulation
    and Emulation

    ns-3 is an open, extensible network simulation platform. ns-3 provides models of how packet data networks work and perform. Our software uses ns-3 to model the network protocols, applications, and ground segment of aerospace networks. It incorporates models of TCP, UDP, IPv4, IPv6, MANET and mesh network routing (AODV, DSR, etc.), 802.11, 802.16, DVB, LTE, and other communication protocols.


    Evaluating STK NetMod


    STK NetMod will help you model and analyze your networks like never before. We are currently accepting requests to test our software.


  • Features

    Hardware In-the-Loop

    Plug hardware directly in- hear what the quality of voice communications will be through your microphone, see what the quality of video streaming will be through your camera, or experience the time it will take for a telemetry command to be processed from your joystick.

    Earth to Space and Everything In-Between

    From land to sea to sky to space, our software works no matter where you are or where you're going. Incorporate large pre-existing networks into simulation scenarios- whether they are static, dynamic, on the ground, or in the air.

    Get More Done

    From quick tests to massive simulations, we've got you covered. You can run multiple pre-flight simulations at the same time on one computer, multiple computers connected remotely or on a LAN, or on high powered clusters, depending on what you need.

    Fast and Powerful

    Let our software solve the really hard problems quickly and beautifully using high performance computing through streamlined design, optional physics pre-computation, and caching.

    Simple GUI

    The GUI provides a user-friendly interface to make things easier for you. Just because the computations you are doing aren't simple, doesn't mean your life shouldn't be.

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    The Alanax vision is to build a more connected universe,

    and our initial software solutions are the first step in doing just that. Our modeling and operational software unlocks the ability to understand aerospace networking like never before.

    Alanax is creating commercial and humanitarian value by developing brand new technology that revolutionizes communication networks on a universe-wide scale. By optimizing aerospace networks, we can bring connectivity to the most remote places on earth, which is foundational to solving some of our biggest commercial, environmental, humanitarian, and security challenges.

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    Headquartered in Silicon Valley, our team is growing and we are looking for the best professionals in their field — engineers, developers, and specialists with experience in the computer networking and aerospace industries. If you love pushing the envelope in aerospace and wireless technology as much as we do, then it’s time you launch your career at Alanax.

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